Entreprise and Cloud Computing ServicesIn depth experience in delivering SOA and Cloud based solutions. Developing integrated solutions for real time dashboards with high data throughput , analytics and high performance systems.


At TECLEVER, we walk you through the entire life cycle of Hadoop implementation that includes:

  • dentifying the data sources
  • Plan for ingesting the data
  • Design of the Database Schema
  • Design of the MapReduce / YARN as applicable
  • Programming Java/ Map Reduce
  • Installed and Configured Hadoop monitoring tools like Ganglia, Nagios, Ambari, Cloud era Manager.
  • Setting up of Hadoop Eco-system components like Pig, Hive, Hbase, Sqoop, Map reduce, Yarn, Zookeeper, Oozie,Flume
  • Maintain the clusters
  • Design backup strategy

Database services

We offer technology agnostic approach so that our customers can choose what works for them. We can help you with design, administration and architecting your NoSQL database with the following services:

  • Technology selection
  • Database schema design
  • Migration to NoSQL Databases
  • End-to-End implementation and support on No SQL Databases

Big Data Skill set

  • Apache Hadoop - Hadoop stacks like Pig, Hive, Mapreduce, Flume, HDFS, Hbase, YARN, Oozie
  • Apache Spark
  • NoSQL - On the operation side in big data distributed scale-out NoSQL databases like Couchbase and MongoDB, on the web and mobile apps Hadoop
  • Statistical and Quantitative analysis - tools like R, SAS, Matlab, Strata
  • SQL - still has a place in big data
  • Data Visualization - Tableau, Qlikview
  • General Purpose Programming Languages - Java, C, Python, Scala