As an organisation you may track information in a lot of different methods and places like E-mails, Presentations, Contact logs, Notes, Documents etc., which may not come in handy when required the most. ESBApps helps you track all the information you need for effective operations. you just need a mobile device with a browser to access these applications. We just make what you do, Better.

About the company

Elastic solutions for business or ESBApps is an amalgamation of extensively interlinked applications which has a varied chain of functionalities which enables the track, monitor and control the organisational resources for optimum utilisation.

  • Optimum resource utilisation
  • Monitor,track & control sales team productivity.
  • Features that ensure simplified sales process.

Sales Force

Field Force

Maintenence & Service

Secondary Sales


Balaji Krishnammagaru


Sambathkumar Subramaniam

Managing Director